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[Part I: Whats Yo Phone Number]

[Verse 1: Erykah Badu]
Baby, what's your phone number?
I'm crazy, call me Willy Wonka
Lately you make me really wonder
If you really wanna
Know I'm kinda fast but spend the night
Baby, what's your phone number?
Stay at your scene, really want you just
I see no cookie monster
[Know I'm] kinda fast but spend the night

[Verse 2: ItsRoutine]
What's your phone number?
Could I call you?
I can be the one you give your all to
Know I hate to fall when someone falls through
Baby fall through
You're different, fuck what they all do
Tryna get to know you, wanna love you
But you ain't been introduced to
Ain't tryna hurt or confuse you
Maybe amuse you
Baby, we could do the usual
I think I could use you
I think I could put you in a place and never lose you
We the freaks nigga, we could try to voodoo
You been trying to solve the puzzle, you ain't even got a clue to
I hate the things that you do
You hate the fact that I moved
I'm somewhere with someone new
We talked about a lot but you ain't listen
Man, I'm at the living room of Erykah Badu house
Sipping on some tea, man Zack is the Witness
This is how it goes when you gifted
This is how it goes when you get it
Man, I got some goals for these bitches
Yeah, I keep it [?]
This is Texas, where the girls looking vicious
And I know I'm kind of fast but maybe spend the night
If you with it, what's up?

[Hook: ItsRoutine & Erykah Badu]
What's your phone number?
Tell me what's your phone number girl
What's your phone number?
What's your phone number?
What's your phone number, girl?

[Part II: Telephone]


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