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"R:", Nancy's by "N:" and when they sing together "T:".
N: Picked it up, couldn't forget how to communicate?
R: Those that covered by dust, let put them all into the dungeon.
N: Freeing my pair of hand and I can achieve it.
R: Relearn smile, relearn how to hug.
N: Once I pointlessly wasted time.
R: I once lonely waited until the sky get dark then dance alone. N: No warning, and fate is so seamless.

R: Who would believe that meeting you is perfect timing.
T: We once walked through these road, wondered into the mist.
R: to search for the lost kingdom.
T: And happiness was always out of reach, covered by dust.
N: Standing closer would make it harder to see.
R: I once tripped overed, lost and worry, then I decided.
T: Rather to go to the island alone.
T: I once took the wrong path, shown you that I adored.
R: and you didn't receive my signal.

T: Dreams were always too far, the road ahead were too dark.
N: Where to find the happy land.
R: Avoiding and got drunk, then become too pride.
N: Never know that yo are the best.
T: Perhaps we will only see it when we close our eyes.
N: Couldn't leave, couldn't stay, how to communicate?
R: Those that I love, when I try to reach them, they back off.
N: The two lost heart, will they make it?
R: Accompanying each other in this endless journey.
T: Fallen into the mist, tried to rush it.

R: Too many sad exclamation mark.
T: And happiness was always out of reach, covered by dust.
N: Until it all healed up.
R: Fate already make a path without us noticing.
N: Never know you are a treasure.
T: Using our eyes in the heart, we could see love.

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